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How to fly hang glider in Rio de Janeiro

The best Bird’s eye view of Rio

Price Hang Gliding R$770,00″

Price Hang Gliding R$ 700,00 (Cash payment)

+30 Photos + 1 vídeo Included

Opcional Services

Photos + Vídeo (Extra camera) R$100,00
Video Edition R$100,00
Pendrive R$50,00

Feed and insurance included

Read carefully all recommendations before flying.

1-SCHEDULE – Make your booking and come to the hang gliding spot on time. The reservation time refers to the time of arrival, not necessarily at the time of the flight, since we depend on weather conditions.

2- MINIMUM AGE: From 14 to 18 years old, a person can fly only if accompanied by parent or legal guardian. In the absence of any responsible, inform us previously to make arrangements. Bellow 14 is not allowed to fly.

3 PLACE: The student (Here the person who will fly is called a student) must attend the headquarters of Clube São Conrado de Voo Livre – CSCVL located at 1502, Av Prefeito Mendes de Morais where he will be received by the pilot. There he must fill in the registration form stating the passport or identity before flying. Sign the disclaimer and watch a brief explanatory video.

4 WHEN AND DURATION – Daily from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. The permanence in the air varies 08-15 minutes depending on weather conditions. It´s not recommended to leave your flight for the last day of your trip.

5 PERSONAL OBJECTS During the flight it will be allowed to carry small personal items that will be placed in the appropriate place. Larger volumes must be left in our vehicle. We are not responsible for any lost object, stolen or misplaced on the flight site. Any accident or incident that may occur during the tour is the sole responsibility of the Insurance Eco trip.

6 SAFETY There is no needed experience or prior knowledge but simply physical fitness to run on an inclined wood ramp eight meters long. The delta wing takes safety parachute and is inspected regularly according to the manufacturer’s standards. We recommend not using mobile or camera during the flight. Wear comfortable clothing and avoid slippery shoes and sandals. Before the flight the student can only eat soft foods and not consume alcohol. Glasses and contact lenses are allowed. Pregnant women cannot fly.

7 TRANSPORTATION up to the ramp of Pedra Bonita take-off the student will go in the pilot vehicle. He will be able to take up to two companions to watch the take-off. They must return to the boarding area in the same vehicle used for the ascent.

8 CANCELLATION a pilot may cancel the flight at any time based on their technical knowledge (weather conditions). In case of cancellation, a new date can be chosen by the student .
09. PAYMENT The student chooses the form of payment: to the pilot directly on the spot in cash, cards accepted by CIELO, advance deposit, bank transfer or foreign currency: US dollar or EURO only.
10. ADVANCE PAYMENT If the flight does not take place due to weather conditions, the student may choose a new date or receive a full refund of the amount paid. No refund of any amount if there is waiver by the student.

11- NATIONAL HOLIDAYS, long weekends, high season and special events when the demand exceeds the number of vacancies, the price of the flight may be subject to last minute changes. Only prepaid flights remain with the same prices and the guaranteed positions. This is due to the limit of 04 flights per day for each pilot. July, December, January and February are high season months.

12. GUIDED TOUR If something is unclear about the Hang Gliding Tour or the professional who will accompany the student, he can free schedule a guided tour. We will gladly welcome him in the flight site and answer to any questions.

flying free as a bird in Rio De Janeiro

Flying free as a bird

13 WEATHER. – Rio de Janeiro has exceptional climatic conditions for the practice of free flight during the four seasons. Cloudy days can provide spectacular flights, as long they do not affect the safety or – visibility. It is important to the pilot the day before the flight to find out the most recommended hours for the flight.
14- WEIGHT LIMIT There is different weight limit for Hang Gliding and Paragliding, and this limit varies according to weather conditions and evaluation criteria of each pilot.

15 – PHOTOS + VIDEO Two or Three GOPRO cameras (left, back and front side camera) will be used during the flight. All of them record simultaneously and in high definition photos every five seconds and video. The scanned images can be transferred to the student’s own smartphone without cropping or editing right after the flight. They can also be later edited and transmitted by e-mail. https://www.youtube.com/user/22870453

Note: Only the side camera is included. The extra camera is optional and costs $ 100.00.

17 -Suggested book: This book is available at the Clube São Conrado de Voo Livre – CSCVL. Your comments, suggestions or complaints will be evaluated at the meeting and will help us to improve services.

Note: Any divergent information obtained by other means, are not valid. Here are the most current information and the only valid. To avoid any problem it is advised to print or keep this information on the smartphone. On the flight, be sure of being served by the instructor Assad Junior, responsible for school Hang Gliding Tour.

You never know what you can do until you try.
Welcome to Rio sky. The city can provide the most spectacular Hang Gliding flight on the Planet.

Clube São Conrado Free Flight – Registration RC-195
Brazilian Association of Free Flight – Registration 41550 BRA
Member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale – FAI

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